Enter the way of the Self. Knowing that Wu Wei dictates non self, you will see all. The key to the Tarot of  Relativity is knowing from where the energy of life flows. This is directional and is done thru Gravitational Acceleration. Hence: Relativity. It describes where and how this energy influences our lives. 

Couplet IV:12  The Larger force will be driven from the road, 
                        Scarcely much further will it be pursued,

                                                        So are appearances misleading?
In order to understand Relativity it is important to know your location. Our Earth lays in a 30 degree relation to the center of the Milky Way. If you look at the Galaxies center you will see a beveled flat shape. And  I say our Solar System is a similar shape. The relationship between these two dictates a direction of maximum energy. Then to the center of the Big bang.

What needs to be remembered is how small we are in relation to everything. Then using Relativity to absorb the peak energy of the hour. Hence: There Exists a quadrant system.

These Reading are made possible from The lost Tarot of Nostradamus.
Combining the concept of Relativity with the power of Wu Wei, and applying it to the TAROT, I gave my reading of the Presidential candidates.  The outcome came directly from the power of non thinking and draws from the energy of the many Universes - The ultimate Cosmos. Through out time. 

Pull yourself back from the Earth. Look at it from all directions. Here is the thought experiment: Imagine the Earth moving at a very high velocity. Speed up the Earth velocity to the speed of light. Think in terms of time lapse photography as you watch Earth. This is what you will see. You will witness its' formation to the first walks of man. You will see a dark planet all of a sudden turn bright with lit energy. You might be startled. This is the Morse Code of light/life. A decision is being made. On or off. And now it is on. This is why the Tarot of Relativity works. It can see.
Secret is Being Positive
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