Secret is Being Positive
I ask this question: If light enters from the outer vertices at the larger opening of a Fibonacci spiral reflecting on the 90 degree of each leg, what energy can be captured. Going from outer corner making the 90 degree cut. As each reflection gets closer to the center of the spiral, will there be an increase of induced light energy? It can be coupled with electrical energy inducing a cleaner energy. Creating electrical potential the increases polarity at it the path way approaches the center of spirals end.  Is there induction. 

If you have two negative poles there is not any energy deferential potential draw. So if one pole is made more positive than the other or, less negative to say, then the limit approaches to a + potential  from a - potential. Then the poles approach close to pure + & - polarity. 

Now take these points on the Fibonacci Spiral and increase to the polarity to more and more + from the - polarity. Ending on the last point; 1 1 of the Fibonacci Spiral with the highest deferential potential possible. Combining this electrical circuit with the highest light frequency channeled thru the Spiral, combining light frequencies and electrical frequencies. Best if they are in some multiple. (Since frequencies are important there seems a place for the frequencies of sound based on the circle of 5th that could be included.)

At the end of this spiral will the light energy reach a point of exponential power? Will it get an epsilon distance from the center of the last leg?