The Collapsing Gravity thought experiment 

Imagine a wound cord. Pick up this wound cord by the outside edges. By it's boundaries. As the cord is picked up the center falls.

Imagine a micro Galaxy picked up by it's outside edges so it's center falls. 
Secret is Being Positive
There exists a Bounded Countably Infinite Function where this function accelerates with in its bound. Since it is bounded it's acceleration is not an infinite function........But is countably infinite.

Take a ball spinning in a cat wheel. Spin it in a perfect cycle. Accelerate to nearest the speed of light. Mass will increase to some proportion. 

This thought experiment relies taking the ball orbit and changing it.

At some point the orbit breaks, forcing it out. If the orbit is changed ever so slightly the energy becomes harvestable. Hence there exists a function that stays within It's bound. 

This might end up as an interesting concept relating to our religions....