How to stop a hurricane? It might be more simple than you realize: We are the most powerful Nation ever.

How about constructing hundreds, thousands of large mobile pumps that could pump cooler waters from deep in  the Gulf of Mexico to the surface. Placing them in the path of the storm, cooling the temperature at the surface, as a hurricane passes over. The energy would then be taken away from the hurricane.

How to cool the Earth: 

Make a % of the roads and roof tops a neutral color or even white. Place some Bio Degradable White sheets on the waters in the Arctic. Reflect the suns energy.

Cooling the Earth will change the weather patterns.

So next:
Imagine using all the oil and coal in our country. Keeping it off the world market with out exporting our funds. ect. Use it or Lose it. But stiff penalties for spills and filth. Still Imagine what would happen if fuel prices dropped by 50% over night. That would be the biggest tax cut for all. People would travel and have money to spend. Businesses will grow. If we have to let, the population could invest their tax returns collectively to create their own oil company. Then do it.

Put people to work building desalinization plants on both coasts. Water is always needed and it is for the future. creates jobs. Build Stuff!

Imagine the EPA and the rest of the world coming to a compromise. All that lumber putting us to work, building stuff. 

Imagine making steel here in the USA. Piping water over head to make electricity, reducing the heat at the same time making this steel. At The Same Time!! Don't waist the Heated Energy!

Here's the Main point : As the economy grows so does the tax base. But lets not be stupid. We can't just burn it all up. Mandate a % of a GNP towards a cheap clean energy solution.
Secret is Being Positive