When I hear about the killings in the name of religion I am reminded of the slaughter of the American Indians. When I heard about Daniel Pear I became very sad. It makes wonder why? Ok humans tend to get angry after being hurt. And that concept lead me to consider something that happened near the beginning of our social time. It was so major that it effected the entire world. Maybe till our end. Understand hurt becames anger. Then anger becomes Hate. So what is the solution to this? FORGIVENESS

Abraham had a son named Ishmael from Hagar. Hagar was his wife Sara's hand maiden. Later Sara gave birth to Isaac. Ishmael was Abraham's number one son until then. Ishmael and his mother Hagar were banished to the desert. Why I ask?
Isaac was the chosen. Pure of blood.

Some believe  Muhammad a direct descendant of Ishmael. Now I wonder what would happen if this issue were to be reconciled. Do the religious convictions of cleanliness play any part?

FORGIVENESS could the solution. Israel should ask forgiveness for what happened to Ishmael. And Islam should accept it. Then lots of the past can be then worked towards forgiveness. With an empty mind one can forgive.    12th and  Imam street       Brothers Unite

To be cont...........

Secret is Being Positive