There is something basic that can be done to create jobs here in America. Lets start with the Welfare state. In my opinion the Welfare State was designed to divide the family. A basic question or two arises.

Are working fathers' allowed to live in the home? Are fathers allowed to live in the home if they are capable of working? Reuniting the family with out loss of benefits would increase home income and strengthen the economy. Of course there has to be limits.

How many persons in America are unemployed? Lets start with the ghetto. Man power unlimited. Let them work with non union benefits.  Grant health care but keep their wages sane. Use the ACA efficiently.

Then there is drug testing. Marijuana should be decriminalized. But just as someone should not be allowed to work drunk, one should not be allowed to work stoned. HENCE:  An eye scan designed to test workers.
Secret is Being Positive

The basis of our economy should be on energy. Energy needs to be produced at the cheapest price possible. Sold as low a price as possible. The economy Booms.The economy will grow exponentially. The tax base will grow at a large rate. It will also grow exponentially. A percentage of our growth then should be mandated towards a clean energy solution.  

History tells us how we grew economically. From rivers to slavery and the industrial revolution to massive tax cuts and low interest rates, capitalism flourished. 

Energy makes our world work. Rivers, windmills, the industrial revolution, technology, ect. And! Yes slavery.
Slavery has happened through out history. It is not just an American issue. But it was a cheap source of energy.

So I dreamed once that if our cost for fuel dropped by 50% and the economy exploding exponentially. People were be mobile once again. People spend their savings from reduced fuel cost on goods and lodging. The tax base grew and grew. Then America put a healthy % of these revenues towards a clean energy solution. So why drop it by only 50% ?

Work reasonably to harvest our forests. 

Make steel. Harvest all lost energy. It is the lost energy that add to the pollutants that harm. The small waste particles are charged with heat energy. So use a water filter system that captures the heat. Use this captured heat to make electricity.

Build desalinization plants up and down both coastlines. Irrigate. And irrigate the deserts. Adapt to the Global Warming concept