Secret is Being Positive
Thought Experiment 1:

Upon death the spirit of you is to be moved faster than fast. To the speed of Light. Your soul will stop aging in relation to those who are alive and contained in the world you just left. The soul then intersects with life somewhere in a adjoining Cosmos.  Reincarnation with knowledge. The goal is to join with your new self. 

There are potential hazards. See the goal is to be reincarnated back into oneself at some point in the future. This soul that has traveled an uncountable distance could land in his former self just before his death. And then it starts all over. And there has to be only so much energy any one thing can expend. How many times can one die and move to another life? There is a bounded limit. 

Here is the meat of tis thought experiment: Take a system A1 and move it at the speed of lite, Contained on this system is another system A2 that moves at the speed of lite.  Continue with another system A3 on A2 moving at the speed of lite. All along with A1 moving with on a system Zn. 

Hence There Exist an exponential function delta Tprime. (delta Tprime)^n.  Energy upon energy upon energy
 to the nth power. Lorentz factor
​Thought Experiment  2:

It is said E=MC^2
We know MV=A 
The common factor is mass
Which says if you hit the speed of lite E = A'
And the conclusions are 2 things. Our cosmos is accelerating and is not singular.
Because V does not = C it is written
Lim V as V approaches C
A Does not = A' until A=C
Hence: A = E

There is no other way to describe not singular other than: 
it is the definition of existence. There would be nothing to compare it too.
But it can be stated in forms of 
The laws of deduction create an infinite loop.