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' Prophecy describes chiefly the things done among the nations comprehended in the body of his third Beast.  ' ​Sir Isaac Newton '

I believe there is a direct connection between the consciousness and the physics of existence. I wish to connect prophecies and relative physics to find a solution so our souls can continue to exist. 
The Premise: Electromagnetism and the battle between Good and Evil have the same energy potential.

Electrical current, as I was taught, is drawn from positive to negative. Or too many electrons towards to few electrons.  There are two schools of thought regarding the direction of electrons. Back in time who knew exactly? I don't think it matters. Energy flows only when the circuit is complete. 

Analogously: It is my belief: Goodness can exist without evil.  And evil can't exist without good. Hence: Evil exists only to corrupt Goodness. With the desire to destroy or control. 

There is an energy flow created when Evil flows towards Goodness. This energy flow is similar to electricity. Metaphysically this energy flow induces an energy flow thru out our planet???  And it could link the Cosmos. It is powerful among the people and the nations. Collective thought is not a new concept.

The power of goodness is insurmountable .
It is Time, not Light, not Space, not Mass, not Gravity, that rules the Cosmos. It is Time. Time for the Light to be on or off. Time for mass to exist or not; With Mass goes Gravity. 

Hypotheses: Light will separate with distance, becoming individual Beams. {D = f(T)} And for you and I this distance is considerable. This suggests the energy contained within a light wave is its cohesion. As the atom can be split, so can light.
Secret is Being Positive
In order to see truth one must know them self. 'Socrates'
There is a Right and there is a Wrong. Know the difference between. And do what is Correct.