​This site is a combination of theoretical Physics, Religion, and Time.  GodsTime. Over all a metaphysical site. MetaphysicsQuantum.
The sites name is just a name.

If Revelations is true then when? 

We are small in the Cosmos. What happens to us after our physical death? Because our body; mind, is electrical, does our psyche infer that our thoughts have mass? And what do these thoughts have to do with the Cosmos? Good verse Evil. Savingusall  (good vs evil) believes in the Prophets.

This site is about Energy and it's transference. It is also for hope. Hope that this world can live in peace. There seems to be this dichotomy between Good and Evil that precludes peace; Energy Transference. I believe awareness is the an answer. Thinking: Why pollute our minds or others? Just like, why pollute the water if we all drink from it? Why pollute the minds we live with? I hope we can learn to be Kind, Just, and Honest. 

Discover Gods vision of Nature, using Relativity to look at God from another perspective.  I hope we learn that the power of forgiveness negates Evil.  With our dominating population it could be close to the end times.  ??? Genesis 1:26  Understanding we now have the power to destroy the Earth, Savingusall might help find another way, choosing goodness before evil. 

My site will look and many other things. I can't say I am right about it all. Starting with, I believe that our Universe, our Cosmos, is a living organism. And it being alive implies many things.

My background? I earned my BS in Mathematics and Science. With studies in: Music Theory, Physics, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, and Politics. And I consider myself Christian.

Come look in inside this incomplete site and watch it grow. Leave a message some time. 
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The Premise: Electromagnetism and the battle between Good and Evil have the same energy potential.
Secret is Being Positive