Mary was pregnant with Jesus for 9 months. Then She and Joseph raised a Him as a baby till He became of age. 
t' = t / (sqrt(1 - (v²/c²)) 

Can a System, like our entire Universe move at the speed of light C?  Being compared to a fixed location? 

Everything moves at the rate with in it's system. So I ask:  Our entire universe moving at or near C compared to some reference point? Would its' gravitational field make up some form of matter?(old story) Does this change Einstein's view? Is it still relativity? 

Depending on the reference point. Like looking at an atom. (old story) Lets say God (G) is looking down at Earth (E). Now: Let God stand 'still' with respect and let our entire Solar System (S). Move S at or near the speed of light C relative to God. The people on Earth would age at the same rate dictated by their their system. Therefore: It doesn't matter or not which is moving at C. The systems do what they do. Won't feel any different. God or our solar system. Let God be a particle Hence: It is possible for our Solar System to move at C

How fast would our Galaxy be moving? And if our Galaxy (X) were to be moving at or near C, with respect to God,  then how fast would our solar system be moving?  At some exponential function. What then would this gravitation field make? Create? 

And if God were the entity moving at C? The aging on Earth would still be the same. While Gods age slows. Think about what this says! God moving at C or our system moving at C or both. There is a relationship. I speculate a ratio that can be measured in Time.

Next consider a tiered system. Cascading System. Turtles all the way down
​Lets Look down on the Atom; Quantum, Earth or something like it. We would only be touching the Gravitational Field. Next lets look down from 2 linear dimensions. Earth Atom looked upon from another Atoms Earth.

Lets do the Algebra: 
The Earth orbits the sun at 67k mph. Or 18.6 mps. lol A convenient number.  But if we moved at C the Earth would orbit the Sun 186k/18.6 = 10k times faster. Or to say our Solar System would travel at 10,000 years to 1 year of God's. So one day of Gods time takes 10k/365 =27years our time. Seems slow. Is God aging? Does time mean age? Or could God be looking at us from many atoms above.

And on the 7th day Her rested. What would Einstein say? A fixed objet watching another move at C. As if an atom were a solar system or Galaxy, and we lived on this atom.

Now imagine the Earth's daily orbit move to C. Hmmmm? Well I think it best to think of the entire Cosmos moving at or near C.
Move the Earth at
The speed of light
How long does
A day take

The Earth at
The speed of light
How long does(did)
It take to make

An hour 
Or a day

Can I 
Will I 
Ask myself 
At the Speed of Light
Secret is Being Positive