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Is there a Ratio between the Diameter of some Atom and the Diameter of our Solar System? Which Atom? Does this Ratio have a Relationship with the Ratio between our Solar System's Diameter and our Galaxy's Diameter? To the Universe?

If so then there will be a relationship of the frequencies: Planck Length, Earth's wobble, vibrations of our Solar System, of our Galaxy, and of our Universe.

I say There Exists a Ratio. between the small to the large. A Quantum Relativity Topological function Q(top)/R1 that equals a Euclidian Relativity Topological function E(top)/R2. Where the ratio (R) of this Topological function in a Quantum  event (Q) divided by R1 will  equal in ratio of ths Topological  function in a Relativity event (Rel) divided by R2. This has a cosmic constant: 

A mapping from the very small will emerge. A mapping using Topology (Euclidian Geometry) from Quantum to the Everyday Present Physics and to the Physics of the Cosmos. I say by Mapping every Black Hole, Red Dwarf, White Dwarf ... a pattern will appear, exposing a picture of our Cosmos. 

Understand my thinking:  Electrons, protons orbit a nucleus, planets orbit our sun, and stars in a spiral galaxy orbit a black hole. Then the expanding universe orbits something, creating something like with Quantum Physics; Combining our Cosmos with many other Cosmos. Hence: There Exists more than one Big Bang.

​I want to use these Topological functions to show how Science and the Spirit merge. For now that is how it has to be.

2nd Understanding that the soul has mass is the key. Upon death the soul is then propelled to the speed of light. Will its mass increases till it becomes a huger than huge size? Becoming compact. Only then to become very small (again) with respect to its new home. At that point Quantum Physics again apply.

Now this soul has to be good in nature or it will self destruct. Goodness does not care if Evil is sitting next to it or not. It just is. But Evil has to corrupt Good so it has to have Good in order to exist. The energy of Evil is drawn to the energy of Good. This is not unlike Current that is drawn from + to --. Or from -- to + depending on how one views it.

Absolute Zero the point of no molecule movement. This seems interesting to me. The most movement is with greater energy......How Yin Yang 

Newest addition: If our sun bends light, then doesn't our Galaxy bend it more? The Spiral as a whole?......R
Secret is Being Positive