What is meant by God? Supremely good as an infinite entity? The incomprehensible? 1st what is an infinite entity and how is God infinitely incomprehensible? 

                                                            INFINITE GOD

Go to the beach and pick up a grain of sand. Look at the grain then throw it back. Look at the beach and wonder where that grain is now. Next look at the entire beach and try understand how many grains there are. Try to realize how many beaches are left to see on Earth. What about the Earth and the Cosmos?

I look towards Life verse Death. The living go forward and the dead are no longer? What does death stand on and where does life stand under? A plate on a table. Put another table on top of the plate and another plate on top the table. Continue staking plates and tables forever.  i.e. Go both directions.

The Earth orbits the Sun in our Solar System.  Our Solar System is one of how many Solar Systems surrounding a nucleus. We have our own Black Hole. So count the finite Solar Systems with in our Galaxy.  And It is bounded.

How many Galaxies are in the Cosmos from our personal Big Bang? This is still comprehensible if you try.  But what if we stack one Big Bang on top, one on the bottom, and others in the sides?  Do you comprehend how many Galaxies in total? Then conversely creating a pattern from its combined form, to another form, to some other type of Big Bang. On and On like a plate on a table. Is it still comprehensible from that one Grain of Sand? From one beach to the bounded countable Solar Systems orbiting the Bounded Countable Galaxies? Hence our Big Bang is one of many.

I find it easier to go larger than smaller. Now lets look. Is the smallest of small the beginning of life? Inception?  So the big question here is how small can you go. How do we comprehend it all at once? Putting all these thoughts together brings me closer towards understanding the incomprehensible. God.

So what does this have to do with God? It is an initial step towards understanding the infinite. As God is infinite and contains all. Now here is the part where I break your personal Dogma. As far as I am concerned  God is my God. I am bounded by His presence. Yet if there exists a jealous God  the there exist a non jealous God. ect. The key word is Bounded.

Next, hypothetically if I were to travel at the speed of light would I live to see the other end of the Milky way? From one side to the other that is. How about the length of the Cosmos? I surmise the mass of my soul, upon death, must increase exponentially towards the speed of light C or it will no longer exist. Exponentially.  At that speed, will I then end up as a microcosm some where else? Only to grow into some form of a human being Millions of Relative years later.  And what about Adam and Eve?

The word bounded keeps coming up. So as  I already postulated the idea of being bounded by my God. Logic all ready tells me if God is a Jealous God then there exists a non jealous god. God is good then there exists a god who isn't. Redundant.

Then what makes the everything move? Move in a direction? From + to - or - to + pick one. (For a rose by any other name is still a rose.) I concluded, proved or not, that good does not care if evil is existing next to it or not. It is good and has no desire to hurt or control anything. But Evil seems to have a need to corrupt Goodness. Analogous to Current Flow in an Electrical Circuit there is movement......................
Then I wrote Trinity of Evil
Hypothesis: Does the soul have mass? I say yes. This postulate is important. It is also assumed this mass is a fixed value. E=mc^2 

Are our Nervous System is Chemical Electrical. The electron has a mass of 9.11 × 10−31 Kilos. Reflecting back to how small we really are compared to the Cosmos, the combined electron flow of our thoughts must have a unique value. Or does it? Well some value. Unique compared to the rest of the animal world that is. Cosmic Consciousness tells me that we could be an egg. Analogous to a spiders nest. When it hatches there are so many spiders. Revelations tells who will become the new spiders. Look down at how small there are.

So upon death if the soul moved as fast as desired what will happen if it reaches light speed? It's mass increases to a bounded infinity. But to increase an object to the speed of light is believed to be impossible. I think different. If this object is actually alive. A living particle. Then when it gets so close to that speed it will exploded. Hence life is born.

Could there be a transformation. A Sci Fi crossing. Boom. Then becoming part of some spiders nest?

I conclude by saying: If a soul thinks about the self then it can not move freely. And free movement is required for light speed.

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