It's alive Master! It's alive!!
Secret is Being Positive
It is my belief: There Exist: Multi universe systems that over lap each other. It is this connective over lap that sends energy into our universe having no visible source. This energy is weak. And it is weaker towards the center coming from all directions. This binding force is what holds every thing physical in our real time together. I call this Dark Matter. This energy not being uniform implies the Cosmos is in constant change. It being weak implies is a living entity. 

As a function of Time F(t): Dark Matters' theoretical existence can be proven Inductively using Relativity. Starting with cohesive binds of the atom to our solar system. Then from our solar system to our galaxy. Then from our galaxy to our universe. And from our universe to a multi universe system there exist a ratio between all as a function of time;  F(r) or F(r(t)). This Golden Ratio is the Cosmic Constant. Now make ratio upon ratio. Ratio of ratio. 

This explains our existence to be very small. So small that this implication is like the answer to a single question. Or part of one. The over all answer is either yes or no. Then we are done. And as God watches our time lapse evolution, we disappear.

It is my hope this makes sense the way this is written.
                From Wikipedia