Secret is Being Positive
First I'm trying to go smaller than small. To me if there is something always lager then there is something always smaller. As far as we are concerned there exist a limit to how small we can go. And a limit to how large. But that is only what is relative our tiny world. Just as the possibility exists that our universe could be a building block for something else, the quark has to be made from something. And if there is an absolute limit on how small we can go then we are at the beginning. That tells me something external created this mess. Hence: an outside energy would be as small or smaller than a Quark. Life it's self.

The BigBang and GodsTime.

Did the big bang simply explode into life?  Did it happen uniformly or non-uniformly?  Define non-uniformly. Think of a Spiral Universe exploding outward. Exploding in the same pattern as galaxy being drawn inward to a Black Hole. Think in reverse.  A hurricane. A Spiral Cosmos exploding outward. Well, it doesn't have to be exactly a spiral, because it explodes one universe at a time.  One after another.

Each leg representing a Countable Universe, separated and connected by dark matter. Each Universe is created sequentially, one after another. Each is created as identical Universe. They are bound with overlapping energy.  Then as time goes forward galaxies are formed with in each Universe. These Universes are of different ages. Therefore the Galaxies within each Universes are of different ages.

Combining spirituality and the physics of everything is reincarnation is possible.  The spirit moving at a high speed C, perpendicular to its' Galaxy, and intersecting with an expanding parallel Galaxy. This life's energy could influence a new life. 

But this is two space thinking. Go to three and four space thinking. 

Do things look the same in all directions?