This is a story of reincarnation. Relativities intersection between all of the Universes, Galaxies, and Solar Systems. An infinite loop between death and life. A place where your old life connects to your present life.

There was a time when he loved Jean. It was to late though. The time had long past. This is a story of thought. He wished he had lived differently and had many regrets. 

The Bruce Lee Concept: Upon death with the power and speed of calm he willed his soul to move as fast as possible. At that singular instant he willed his soul to move at the speed of light towards goodness. Towards goodness and goodness only. His soul did as he asked. He wanted to see her once more. He moved at the speed of light and greater. His soul stretched with all the unpleasantness left behind. Stripping away all evil and pain he was cleaned by the blood of the lamb. In Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee showed us the power over death. The mental focus required. The concentration. The energy. So when he finally arrived at his detination all his memories were lessened into instincts.

Space and time are continuous. His soul ,moving at the speed of light, aged little. Almost not at all.  So it seem so fast. As if no time had gone by. And to his surprise his soul moved, within an Epsilon distance, perpendicular to his home. His home being the Milky Way, M1, moved perpendicular to his soul. This Milky Way ,M1 moved away from the center of the Big Bang. His soul moved, within some Gamma Distance, towards another younger Milky Way, M2 that was moving behind and respectively parallel to M1.

In the beginning many Universes  were formed is succession. His timing was perfect as he entered a new life. A life of the Gamma length; distance where seeing her again, were possible once again. 

This is a story about the intersection  of Time, Space, and the Spirit. 

Idealistically his spirit would enter and combine with the soul of his futures past. Future because time moves forward. Past because he was given the gift to change it. In the new present he would feel a growth, a new understanding. His new opportunity with Jean would also allow him to change the entire world. But he has no understanding of the process. Was he the only though? Many questions arise. 

Sitting in the cafeteria with other young eighth graders getting ready to self study Algebra he saw Jean. He had no idea years later he would fall in love with her. So this time he sat next to her eager to learn. The last time he was lost and the teacher who would look over their work did not like him. He had failed and in so many ways. Not this time. Something changed. Evolution.

This time he took a strong position in Algebra. Immediately he requested a chalk board. In his past life the music, mathematics and physics he studied was waiting to emerge. He simply did things. Naturally. His purpose was to change the worlds direction . To changed it with Relativity .......Lorentz Factor

With the passion filling his mind he stopped short of his instinctual desires. The Innate understanding of the changes to be made might not include Jean. He had power over her, but he was still a broken child. His current past hadn't changed. The abuse was still part of his history. Uniquely the worlds history was the same. Is he the first of many reincarnations to come? Could he change the worlds path? Would he still have his children? The same relationships. Can history be rewritten? With deep internal conflict he was here to change the outcome of the Earth. He could take Jean. But; by investing in his desires in her, would he lose his main focus? Is she part of the changes to come? The chalk board arrived.

An important thought. What if I am reincarnated, in the future, to the place when I died? And then over and over again. It is also implied the one thing that is faster than the speed of light could be death itself.

​Caveat: The oscillation gets dicey when you separate good and evil. 

           Propelling the soul at the speed of light C.  Is it propelled into an infinite loop?
           Upon arrival there may be death. Then the soul is sent on another loop. The goal of Nature is to live. Too Heal.
           Healing comes with knowledge. Innate knowledge for survival.  
           This is a reality proven by Einstein. 

           There exists: Tappable  Energy. The loop will appear as a hurricane. Or a solar system.  Or as galaxy.  These 
           are fundamental systems. This says our Solar System can be used for an unlimited power. 

Extension: We have to work together as a species to be able bring this idea to fruition. Once again filling the loop. 
           The explosive battle between good and evil is the ultimate splitting of the Atom. Again filling a part of the Loop.
           The separation of Life itself: Death. HENCE: Unity of the races before war. The push for survival could join                    humanity, seeking this energy source jointly.


Comprehending the energy expended by our existence is a source of energy. It is all in the Loop.  How far and how fast we can go remains to be seen. I  realize my assertion has it weakness.  And this weakness is the dark matter that can be measured. Pick a size for Delta, Epsilon, and Gamma.  There should be a relationship to the time one appears and the time one leaves.

What I am trying to establish is the harnessing the energy from ultimate Atomic Bomb.  This is a concept that sadly the 3rd Reich would appreciate. Raiders of the Lost Ark stuff. It is my feelings the instantaneous moment of life exerts an enormous amount of energy.
Have we come from a reincarnation? Concepts of a living Cosmos?