Secret is Being Positive
In order for reincarnation to occur there has to exist a supporting physical system. Here is where the large and the small coexist. A shape is created. A system. Life. An infinite loop. You die. You live. You die. You live.....Hence There Exist: an Infinite Loop. Purgatory defined.

​To pick where we are reincarnated is the trick. The re-birth instantly before your current life. At any time within your current life. Just before death. Think epiphanies.  At a constant state of reincarnation. 

I believe we exist in a living system. A system interconnected with the web of life. So great. So subtle. Are we the smallest entity within this system? A system that created a living being? Or maybe just a single thought.? A thought that is determined by Good vs Evil? Pure Goodness does not need Evil to exist. But Evil has to have feed on Good to exist. Energy is moved, drawn, from Good towards Evil. As is electricity; + to -, thought is induced. And Jesus being my ultimate representation of Good may be the gateway  through our Universe and the Greater Cosmos. Multiverse. Meta-Universe.

The Big If: If my construction of the many universes is correct, then it belongs to larger system. A Cosmos containing many universes. Each universe created from its own Big Bang. Then for Reincarnation to be possible each universe is created in a pattern one after another in all directions. Seperated by Dark Matter each universe is of different age. Each universe would be within some delta, epsilon, gamma, identical. 

If reincarnation is possible the soul has to have mass. Moving this mass at; or near, the speed of light ,C, slows with in itself. Moving perpendicular toward a younger universe, considered parallel at the time of intersection, the connecting energies create Life. Perpetual life connected by the Goodness of where it started. And philosophically we can't define Good with out Evil. Hence: Goodness is lead by Goodness and cannot exist with out some part of it's opposite. Mitigated by peace and calm.

The Question Arises :  Distance and Time?

Is there enough time for theses events to occur? Occurring with such vast distance? Do we have to settle for the Time Distance Relationship of Galaxy Formation? The Time for another Earth to be created within our own Universe? Traveling in Purgatory

The principle remains the same.  In the end these events a culminate the creation of a single thought. Thank you Carl Sagan. 

I am now lead to consider something faster than the Speed of Light C. And that would be the instantaneous death of our Universe. Of our Cosmos. Of the Mega-Universe. I say death is faster than light because all is contained within the bigger total cosmos and appears to be instant. When the larger system dies does the smaller system dies instantaneously as well? Is this the boundary light speed? Is it the limit with in the larger system if it also dies?

I conclude: Reincarnation is not only possible it could be an infinite loop. This means you could die and be reborn at any instant.

The story of Jean. Jean