Where does the soul go?
Where does the Soul go after our body dies? I say define pure Good and Evil. Unless it needs to survive, Good doesn't care one way or another about Evil. But Evil needs to corrupt good. Hence: Energy Transformation. Very similar to Current Flow. As Evil enters the individual it can grow. It will do anything to survive. 

The soul has energy. Therefore Mass. Upon Death the soul is moved to the speed of lite C. It's mass is made infinitely dense and small. Then it breaks away from this system, and it's mass then explodes into a larger system, starting the process over again. The Soul has only energy of Goodness. Only the Goodness is allowed to transcend. Evil is it's own destruction. Yet Evil must enter the New Heaven some how in order to start the process again. 

All is analogous to the Cosmos representing a large digestive system that transfers energy. 
Secret is Being Positive