First it is necessary to state my belief that the soul have mass. If I am wrong and the soul doesn't have mass every thing on this site falls apart. I believe in order for there to be life after death something has to exist physically. (In edition: it is necessary to understand Turtles All the Way Down.) I contend upon death this living mass will accelerate to the speed of light C and then it will transcend to another level of life. This Mass at C will increase exponentially into the tinniest particle. So small this huge mass that it then explodes into life some where else. Like a tinny Black Hole.

Does light have mass? Do Angels have mass?

Next let it be understood Goodness will grow and Evil will die. Why? Good can live with out Evil. And Evil needs Good to exist. Goodness can sit alone while Evil must corrupt it's opposite. There is an energy transference. Just like in Electricity; ebb and flow. Also Evil by itself can't give anything to other than it's self.  Hence: Washed by the Blood of the Lamb. AND the big QUESTION now: is define Good and Evil. Goodness is with God and this is heaven, or life. Evil is with out God and this is hell, or death.

I have to ask is this the end of the world? The theme of my site is finding a solution.  So feel free to suggest a thought and I will put it to music. Consider my songs to be metaphysical metaphors '. looking to make this world a better place  Metaphysical Conceit 

The Mayan calendar predicted a change in the location of the Earth and it's relationship with the center of our Galaxy.  This change is implied to be great. Nostradamus implies that we have some control over our destiny. Look at the Lost Book of Nostradamus  Edgar Cayce spoke about importance of the individual in his readings of Revelations. My videos will also try to address the individual.  Here is where the solution lies.

Not being a skilled writer, I  believe in my ability to see. So where the words come from is not for me to say. So listen and watch closely to the videos as they appear.  In order to get the current social environment watch closely you will find these songs filled with political overtones.  The goal here is to help those who are of poor nature to find a better way.  The quality is lacking for now. The plan is to redo them in then future.

I will explain my understanding of God. The choice will be up to you on what you believe. I am only my own messenger and the messages are subtle. 

Now I ask you to look up the population of the worlds religion and do the math for Rev 6:8. Do the math. Example: Islamic population   What is meant by 1/4 of the land? But the numbers change. At one time Christians and even Catholics were 25% of the world.

Since we are so small in relation to the Cosmos. Like an atom in your hand. The hand connected to your body. Your body where it is presently. In your city, in your country, on Earth. The Earth and Her Solar System lies with it's galaxy. This Galaxy so small being; one of many. This Big Bang being so small; one of many.

With God's Will good luck to us all.
Secret is Being Positive
Where the soul goes