This is a very simple concept: How fast can the human mind evolve?

The Crow: One day I looked up to see a crow hovering against the wind mid flight. Then wind so perfect as to hold the Crow before He sored up and down. I asked myself this Question. How long did it take the Crow to evolve? The wing that is, and flight?

Because, in the midst of disaster, life has to evolve or perish. Evolution therefore, happens at different rates. Fast forward from the beginning of life on Earth. It is a tiny speck of sand within our galaxy. How big is our galaxy in this universe? And how fast must evolution happen in order for continued existence?

Then I thought, hoped, and prayed, the Human Mind would evolve quickly. Awareness then came to my conscious thought. Awareness of the process Evolution. Awareness of the Crow's Wings. My sight and hearing then became more acute.

The very next poignant event I experience was hearing a hammer. I heard this hammer in mid swing. Literally from about 50 yards away. I heard crack, crunch,  and soon I walked by a man cracking walnuts. With total awareness I heard this hammer mid swing. 

What is most important to understand is Time. Time the continuous function of evolution. And that one event did not fix my sight and I can not hear through walls.

So then does God evolve? Even though God is my only, is it implied He isnt singular? If I am plucked from Earth and placed miles next to it; you, looking from millions of miles away, will you notice me? Looking at the sun from trillions of miles away woulf you notice the Earth?. Will I disapear completely?

I conclude the Big Bang is also non singular.

I do have hope fo us all.
Secret is Being Positive