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Part II
Amidst thought there is a dichotomy. This is the distinction between Good and Evil. Within this thought is a cumulation that occurs. This thought is a comparatively contained quantum. The quantum is our planet Earth where in total the thought has arisen. And this assumes the Big Bang is one of many, and we are tiny in comparison.

On Earth this dichotomy will manifest to good or evil depending on our outcome as a civilization. If it is goodness then it will affect another Earth. And then will affect still another. On and on until a decision is made. If bad then it dies also having an effect on the question. I am implying there is first energy transformation between good and evil. 2nd this transference interacts with many more, resulting in action motivated by the question.  

Part I
Let's start with a tiny point within our brain. Theorize that this tiny point contains the energy of life. Within this point there exists a unique atom. Maybe a solar system, galaxy, or universe, is used to form this atom. The planet Earth exists with in this system. With the Relative gravitational field/fields from this tiny point, mass is created, and thought is invoked. Within this thought, there exists a duality.  Hence: Energy Transference......... 

This Energy Transference has taken many forms. It is completely a relativity concept. Generations upon generations of lives, families, races, and cultures, may be the accumulation of a single thought or decision. And the cycle of life on our planet culminates to this point in time.

In order to sustain itself, life has to eat and reproduce. Hunger has driven humans to do the unthinkable by today's standards. To take and destroy. The female needs to be inseminated to reproduce. She will go to great lengths to fulfill this instinct. In modern society, her instinct has morphed to the culmination. 

The psychology of a society through out our history hasn't changed much. This will explain how we got here. From Pavlov to the general principles of Conditioning there exists the duality of thought. Male and Female thought. His to take, eat, and provide, and hers the fear of being destroyed by our own devices. She has to protect her offspring. She has to be fed. He also has to reproduce. He has to eat and feed her to fulfill and to be fulfilled. And these needs are not singular. The many then create the tribe culture of the Alpha male. The survival of the fittest. 

Therefore it is her needs that must be met that drive his needs that have to be met. They must not be destroyed by the Alpha. The alpha learns by himself he is nothing and if he eats it all he will have nothing. A hierarchy is established. Society is formed.

There are many wars. 

All culminating to this point in time where that thougtht is being postulated.  Watch The Trinity of Evil

This concept is rather simple
Secret is Being Positive