Long Ago, God made the Earth, the Heavens, and Man:

The Human Animal walked the Earth. Not unlike a pack of Dogs and it was survival of the fittest. He dominated Woman for procreation. But He/She were given the power of reason, separating Him from other animals. He made tools and became the most dangerous of natural killers. 

Man was an animal first. He could talk to other animals understanding whether to kill or be killed. To eat or to die. God looked at His creation and saw goodness.  The he created the Human Man. The Spirit of God's Goodness entered Adam. 

Lilith picked Adam as her mate. But Adam saw evil in the orgy of man's mating ritual unfit. It did not embrace goodness. And the strong crushed the weak. Adam knew the strength of the weak. He knew the strength of the calm and the mild. Weakness of the furious. Adam was a man not an animal. So He rejected Lilith. And she scorned His rejection only to find another.

Adam's new ability separated him from the rest. So He rose to the top, out classing all others. He became smarter than the rest. With the ability to rule with His intelligence, he taught goodness. 

The first of countless wars began........ to be continued

After attending a Russian wedding yesterday I got it. I understand culture and the rise of Adam. His rejection of Lilith, his mating with Eve, and the fruit of the Tree. 

It may be hard believe the Human Animal concept. I first got from Disney. 
The Human Animal

The next step is knowledge. Knowledge of the self. Sexuality. Loyalty. Lust. And Temptation. No longer were humans a pack animals. Now they had free will. Free will to have desires, needs, and self awareness.

The idea is the propagation of the species and the strength of the fittest. A culture evolved. And many different cultures too. Knowledge is an concept that evolved all over the world created war. But Adam went a step further. He not only had self awareness he understood goodness. Hence the birth of our worlds dichotomy: Good verse Evil.

The culture I witnessed was one not of desires. It was a culture of propagation.

Secret is Being Positive