PREMISE: Think ELECTRICITY. Think Insemination. I contend there was, or is more than one Big Bang. In the beginning the something was struck by life.  And it exploded with life. It grew to the cells of the COSMOS  called GALAXIES

Where does the energy consumed by a Black Hole end up? Think about this: Maybe the Cosmos is like a digestive system. Or we are part of a life system. This would explain for the Cosmos expansion and nothing leaving a Black Hole. Black Holes are part of expansion. And There might be a point of Critical Mass ex[plodding into something else.

Back to electricity. Just as current is drawn between to potential polar opposites, energy is drawn between Good versus Evil. Now I say Goodness by itself needs nothing. And Evil can't live by itself. Evil needs to consume Goodness. Hence energy is drawn between  good and evil similar to electricity. While the souls of Goodness create tiny black holes at critical mass, exploding with life into another world.

​DEATH: I also contend that the soul has mass. Upon death the soul of goodness will move at the speed of light. The Mass will increase infinitely until it breaks through to a place larger than this; exploding with energy. I say Evil, only thinking of its self, will destroy itself. Goodness and Evil will be seperated into different directions. No one completely dies. Until this Universe dies and goodness has moved on in a new birth.

Cosmic Ripples   Scientists find Cosmic Ripples from birth of universe: Cosmic  Ripples: Fox News , Bloomberg News. I ask these questions: If we could observe the creation of life at the same Relative Time as the Big Bang, what would the ratio be? At Insemination? Cell Division during growth? The Ratio of observed Quantum Life Expansion rate to the earliest Observed Cosmic Big Bang Expansion Rate. This ratio using Relativity. At the same moment.  
I conclude we will all die as part of the whole, because the whole will eventually die. We are part of something larger than large. When death happens many will see it shortly. Even though Death moves faster than the speed of lite. The Cosmos will die in an instant when compared to the whole. And many will know it, praying for an after life.
Secret is Being Positive