3# Beacons' of light. The metaphor: Washed By The Blood Of The Lamb implies there is only one perfect soul among us; Spirit. The goal of this soul is to teach. To teach Humility. Humanity. Virtues. Goodness.  Now Souls of the Earth shall be taken before our very eyes. People will change with out return. They will be separated into Good ascending. And Evil to be punished; vanquished. A Baby will leave the goodness of life.............. 
#1. There will be an Earth Quake. Really? Do not forget PANGEA. It is implied that the North American will spit along the Mississippi River. Continuing to the West Coast. Then splitting 3 times More.
#2 The poles will flip. N shall become S. As ice melts in the N, is it accumulating in the S? If So the that wobble could tumble. And the since of uneasiness. Those who might survive will wonder if the Poles did flip. Or was that, what would a pole shift do? There is a catch to this. And I do not yet know the answer.
In 2012 we will be passed through the center of our Galaxy. The Doppler Shift will induce some form of change. It will become cold SagittariusMilky Way. (Hypothesis: A definition of both Energy and Dark Energy. Space and Dark Space. Anti-energy can be constructed)
At the time of the great split the California's will move. Starting in the Nevada's to the Mississippi the continent will pull apart. North America will split into 3 Parts. Central America will be pulled away. South America will be devistated

In the spring sickness will come from the North and combine with the South. The world will watch in wonder consummating the fall. No Little Boy
The hidden will be unhidden from the truth. It will come from with in those in power and they will be powerless to stop it.
Look at the % of various worlds religions. The numbers are very interesting depending on which statistic you use. Remember they are estimates. Rev 6:8  I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a FOURTH of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth. What religion is approaching up 25 % of the world population? Is that what a quarter of the land means?
I conclude we will all die as part of the whole. Because the whole will eventually die we are part of something larger. Larger than large. When death happens many will see it for Death moves faster than the speed of light. The Cosmos will die in an instant when compared to the whole. And many generations will know it, praying for an after life.
Secret is Being Positive
Two will gang up on one. Which of the three will win? Out of perceived defense the outcome will give the answer to the question.  Then it will be 3 against 1 not 2.