Secret is Being Positive
It will be 3 against 1 not 2
There will be wolves that hid among us. They are dressed as sheep. Among the wolf packs are sheep forced to be wolves. The wolves are out numbered. Europe will be decimated by these wolves and still win. America has more than one type of wolf.. In America there are vast many more sheep.

The end is the beginning as much as the beginning is the end...........Everywhere on Earth is subject to nature. Relativity dictates that our time is limited. Nature always wins. 

Africa will be barren due to pandemic. The entire world will quarantine Africa. And this will directly connect to the Middle East.

There will be a spiritual/electrical connection through out the world of Islam. Every Mosque will be their connecting place. Here is where the wars begin. 

Korea will initiate the problems by attacking the South. Indonesia feeling threatened, Islam will attack America by first attacking Europe.  Europe will be decimated. America will unite. Then with Canada and Mexico.

China will ally itself with America to fight IslamRussia will forgo the search for a warm water port and join America and China.

Israel with many new allies will be isolated from natures wrath. The focus to destroy Israel will put the Middle East on defense. Defense from Islam's destruction and natures wrath. 

All Mosques will be destroyed, sending Muslims into total confusion; disorientation. The threat of Mecca's destruction will prevent the end of Islam.

The safest places will be to the south. Through out the world; specifically Australia and South America. But from the worst of America will come a new. The hope for later days to come.
                 subject to update