Of the many things that can be done to save America, start by keep the people mobile. I dream of a day, when fuel prices were low; insanely low.  What would happen if you went to the gas station and prices were 50 cent on the dollar?  I think our economy would sky rocket. Businesses would boon. And yes we would have to 'Drill Baby Drill' to keep the country moving. The boon would increase our tax base Next a % of this new tax base must be mandated towards a clean energy solution for the future. 

Fix our infrastructure NOW!

Using loans and grants lets start by converting our cars and other energy uses to Natural Gas. If a car can be converted do it. Use the grants and low interest loans to build Natural Gas Stations for fueling and conversions. Put people to work with goal towards finding a clean energy solution.This might be a dated idea.

Droughts!? It is time to think about building desalination plants up and down our coast lines. If there is to much water due to global warming then lets use it to reshape the geography of our country. New irrigation systems to grow our crops in the desert; Green Houses? Also, in these deserts mount solar panels everywhere. Everywhere possible. The here idea is Over Kill.

Make Steel again in America and truly build. Use all the energy. As a way to cool the air at the Steel Plant run water pipes over the hottest spots to generate electricity. Use it all.

Cut down lumber and re-open Saw Mills. Can't strip mine the Forests but we can harvest it wisely. Use it. Build the greatest nation ever! Build stuff. Make stuff. 

To Be Continued......To me there is so much that can be done if we work together and this is just a start ,
Union to the End We can't rebuild America at Union wages and bennies. Good luck with that. Good wages and health care? Get your own retirement? Can't have it all unless we work for it. We need to build something! And at some cost to the environment!
Make a Nation that works for a living!
I Pledge Allegiance
Things live and things die. With out loss of Human value we must use as much energy as we can muster.

Quickly use it now. Convince the entire US population to use their tax return as an investment in Oil and Natural Gas production. Form an energy company for the continental USA.
Secret is Being Positive