Imagine a Sphere with in a Sphere in outer space. Also think of an electric motors armature. The outer sphere has the highest density mass Earthly possible. It is encased by a non conductor. Placed on outside the inner sphere are Gold grids; for lack of a better word. Placed on the inside of the outer sphere opposing Gold grids. Using the same polarity on the poles to stabilize and to move the opposing grides, the outer sphere will move. Moving the outer sphere as fast as magnetism will go, Space will bend like the Sun bends space. It is Nuclear Powered and a craft is attached. As space is bent will the craft move? Maybe....
Reflection and Refraction of light :  LOGARITHMIC SPIRAL FIBONACCI NUMBERSInfluenced by early Si-Fi, I wonder what amount of energy can be generated by a sudden change in lights direction. I reffer to Nautilus mathematics. What is the difference between the light energy intering the large end of a Nautilus shape, reflecting at the 90 degrees again and again etc, to the final reflection at 45 degrees and the light energy leaving the Nautilus Seashell shape. Take note: the Radius gets smaller by 50% at each reflection. The Chambered Nautilus 

Space-Travel continued
Next think Electron Tube:

Placing two satellites on a fixed orbit, one on the moon and one on the Earth, to create a large vaccuum tube. These sattelites are to rotate generating large amounts of voltage. Or maybe Solar could be used to create voltages 

With the correct opposite polarities a pod is held fixed on the Earth's satellite and suddenly released. Having the same polarities it is drawn to the moon's satellite. Polarities are then switch to slow the pod.
Secret is Being Positive