Secret is Being Positive
The City is powered by an Electrical Mechanical System. Each home has a Spring Barrel /Main Spring energy source. Men with levers travel house to house winding the massive springs. They are tall large men with strong arms and backs. They are short men who are so quick it is hard to see them using speed and their knowledge of momentum. The mechanical energy is turned into electrical  energy. This is there occupation. Homes are powered by a clock like network of steel. Released slowly the Man Pound Energy is converted to electrical energy.

There are solar panels in the best of places. These panels are constructed with crystals. The crystals separate the light into the spectrum. The light containing the highest energy is used to power the solar panels. 

The City runs on high priced needs. The Mystics know the connection between life and death.The large and the small. The great and the weak.

The leaders are known and unknown. Who leads? The Kings, the Elected, or the Mystics? Who pays for those high priced needs?