Thought is the essence of us all. If one person thinks with a goal he is aware. If 2 think with a goal there is potential. If one Billion think with the same goal there is Power. Power to control the outcome.

The world is changing fast by human standards. Are we doing what we are suppose to be doing? Existentialism. We are fighting each other at every turn. Raises a huge question: Is Christianity and Islam compatible? Is Islam compatible with any other religion? Is Islam the true religion of God? Does God exist? Or is the human race simply doing the very thing they are suppose to be doing? If so maybe we need to explore the meaning of Nature. 
Lets do the Algebra:  for Gods Time
The Earth orbits the sun at 67k mph. Or 18.6 mps. lol A convenient number. So if the Earth moved at C then it would orbit the Sun 186k/18.6 = 10k times faster. Or to say our Solar System would travel at 10,000 years to 1 year of God's. So 1 day of Gods time takes 10k/365 =27years our time. Seems slow. Is God aging? Does time mean age? Or could God be looking at us from many systems above?

I believe There Exist a ratio of the time our solar systems works at and the universe that it resides in.

To be continued....