Algebra Topological Spaces: In order for our system to work it has to be contained with in a group: Group Theory.  Relative to any group with in our universe there is a connective branch. Special Relativity. "The belief that the Big bang is singular is short sighted." Remember Galileo. I propose that the Universe is one of many. Next I wonder if this non-linear burst of energy is in its self a form of being linear? Contained in a set of systems that as a whole is part of a system; another system created.

We should not spend as much time, and thought, to where we came from; began. We should think more as to where we are going! The Big Bang is a great thought. How about asking where are headed? Will we see a pattern emerge? I think so. As we are created, we are part of a creation.


Big Bang

Looking Away

​Axiom: Induction
For All P[[P(0) and For All k element of N (P(k) \implies P(k+1))] implies For All n element of [ P(n) ]] 

P(n) implies P(n+1) for all (n) Therefore Our  Big Bang is not singular. Is our Cosmos actually accelerating?  
Implying we would be part of a separately categorized Cosmos. And contraction could be our Ultra Cosmos' Death. 
​Life came to the planet Earth. And it grew. History tell us this evolutionary process. It had to start some where some how. 
Obviously the very small became large. Our assumed singular event in the beginning was first very small; Big Bang Theory. After the Big Bang things got larger. Very large relative to us. My self personally I am but a speck compared to this planet, let alone to our galaxy. I think this growth concept is an inductive model. And implies our Big Bang concept isn't singular except for us personally. Our Big Bang so large or maybe so small. 

Maybe our awareness might be better served looking at he whole rather that at the beginning. I believe there are patterns in the universe yet to be discovered. And these patterns will help us understand how it all started. This Big Bang could be like the bud of a flower. Hypotheses: Extending in patterned directions there exists at least one universe extending equal an opposite of our expanding universe.
Turtles All the Wall Down
​THERE EXIST AN INVERSE FUNCTION OF RELATIVITY THAT WILL ALLOW THE PHOTON TO BE HARNESSED: The faster something goes the slower the Photon appears to move.
Secret is Being Positive